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I have developed my website with lots of photos and information to help educate buyers on ragdoll cats. Our passion is to breed beautiful cats with strong genetics, personality and love ..We don't have many , and those that are here live underfoot with us and are happy and healthy!

 ALL of our breeder cats are HCM neg. ( UC DAVIS) .

 MEET OUR CATS BELOW     We are a very small breeder with only a few cats. Our cats are treated like members of the family and enjoy free roam of the house.Each cat has a special place in our hearts. ..WELCOME TO ANGELKISSED RAGDOLLS !!!  WE ARE  A  TICA (TOP QUALITY) RAGDOLL BREEDER  SINCE 1998  .....

ANGELKISSED RAINY below (PAST KITTEN) not for sale...  Daughter of Cheetah Monkey and Capn NimoWe have been congradulated by many for having some of the most beautiful ragdolls they have seen. Thanks to all who have written us expressing their joy !!  

 INTRODUCING  (Hermione of Angelkissed)

Hermione is new to our breeding program , she is a quality seal mitted queen and we are very excited for our future kittens with her!

Winnie (left)   has retired and living in a wonderful loving home..  she has produced many amazing babies through the years and she will be dearly missed !!

Winnie on left

Introducing DIDI.. new future queen    (below)

Below DAISY..future queen

 BLUE LUNA below .Blue mitted female future queen

 We donate to the ASPCA (prevention for cruetly to animals)  a great organization to help animals with medical care and adoptions throughout the united states.

Unfortunaltley animals cannot speak for themselves, and suffering continues with homeless cats and dogs especially in the warmer climate states where they can be left alone and abandoned..Donating even a small amount can help and save the life any animal that is suffering needlessly..

Willow bird...future queen

Angel kissed King Theodore   (Below)   We are retiring Teddy from our Breeding Program..  he is available as a breeder to a established cattery or as a pet..  He does not spray and can be kept with the females and kittens since he is a very loving dad to his kittens..Teddy has some common ancestors in a couple of our new upcoming females and we have decided to find him the best home..Contact GAIL

Teddy has just started in our breeding program, and we are delighted with his kittens. He is the son of our Capn Nimo and Winnie .He produces kittys with vivid blue eye color and dynomite personalities!

  above)..Introducing RIO..negative for all genetic defects ..   Rio has just arrived in 2017 and will be our new future KING here at angel kissed..He is a rare aqua eyed mink carrying a dilute gene (vgl uc davis  DNA color test)  and will produce traditional color and also kittens with richer colors..   He's a TICA  registered ragdoll, and is 8 months in this photo ...he's a BIG boy already and still has lots of growing to do.... Rio is a calm collect personality plus boy..He DOES go limp in your arms when you pick him up..  He's a fun cat with a puppy dog personality...we are looking forward to our 2018  litters with mink..!!

Recent Photos