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WELCOME TO ANGELKISSED RAGDOLLS ..Top quality TICA ragdoll kittens from minnesota!

Past kittens below  see the available kittens page for current kittens!

We raise seals blues and minks..We currently do not raise flames or lynx

We are a very small in home breeder with only 3 cats..Meet our cats below!

I have developed my website with lots of photos and information to help educate buyers on ragdoll cats. Our passion is to breed beautiful cats with strong genetics, personality and love ..We don't have many , and those that are here live underfoot with us and are happy and healthy!


MINGO below born and bred here at angelkissed.  SEAL MINK BICOLOR owned and loved by Peggy Bennett.. past kitten grown up..NOT FOR SALE

 MEET OUR CATS BELOW   Our cats are treated like members of the family and enjoy free roam of the house.Each cat has a special place in our hearts.. 

Below Snowflake  (seal bicolor) below

Snowflake has the most amazing bunny soft fur and  fun loving character...she produces the same in her babies!

Below  Summer  seal mitted female produces outstanding babies!

 We donate to the ASPCA (prevention for cruetly to animals)  a great organization to help animals with medical care and adoptions throughout the united states.

Below  RIO.... our seal MINK KING  

Rio has been the most amazing cat, and we have been blessed with beautiful colorful kittens with his character and loving nature!  He has the  bright blue eyes which is RARE for a mink..All of our kittens here at angelkissed are fathered by RIO!

Recent Photos